Free Working Capital with 
On-Demand Liquidity

Deliver instant cross-border payments without pre-funding.

Innovative Financial Institutions 
Are Thriving with ODL

Free Up Working Capital and Get Ahead of the Competition

Pre-funding accounts in destination markets ties up capital that you could put to work growing 
your business.

Through the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service, RippleNet leverages the digital asset XRP as a bridge between two currencies, allowing you to eliminate pre-funding of destination accounts, reduce operational costs and unlock capital.

On-Demand Liquidity Eliminates Pre-Funding


Eliminate the need for
pre-funding accounts.

On-Demand Liquidity is Fast


Send payments instantly around

the world.

On-Demand Liquidity is Affordable


Get best-in-market pricing on
exchange rates.

ODL Enables goLance to Facilitate Faster 
More Cost-Effective Payments to Freelancers

How On-Demand Liquidity Works

RippleNet customers can use XRP to bridge two currencies in as little as three seconds, ensuring payments 
are quickly sent and received in local currency on either side of a transaction.

Why Use XRP?

XRP is ideally suited for global payments because it is quicker, less costly, more scalable and sustainable than any other digital asset.

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Ensure Operational Excellence

RippleNet’s security capabilities are SOC 2 certified. System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) are a set of internal control reports which ensure service organizations have the appropriate processes in place for secure data management and processing.

Streamline Your Payments

Take advantage of the world’s most innovative liquidity solutions.