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Santander and Ripple Bring Faster, Cheaper Cross-Border Payments to Millions of Retail and Commercial Customers

Goal: To create innovative financial services that directly benefit customers and help people and companies prosper.

Solution: Ripple helped Santander develop its One Pay FX service that allows customers to make instant or same-day, low-cost international payments, while knowing exactly how much the recipient gets and when they will receive the money. One Pay FX has been launched in six countries and payments can be sent to two dozen countries, including all the euro zone.


One of the world’s biggest banks offering a wide range of services to 140 million retail and commercial customers.


Number of countries where One Pay FX is available


Of Santander International Payments Can Be Handled by One Pay FX

“Our innovation is always customer led. Ripple helps us directly address the issues of speed and transparency around international payments raised by our customers and make sending money abroad better.”

Ed Metzger, One Pay FX Chief Technology Officer at Santander

Relieving the Pain of Slow, Expensive Cross-Border Payments

Santander partnered with Ripple to address customer feedback around the international payments process. The bank’s retail and commercial customers were unsatisfied with the lack of transparency around fees when sending money abroad, as well as the slow speeds of each transaction. Ripple’s blockchain-powered technology and global network of financial institutions helped Santander develop One Pay FX. The simple mobile app allows customers to see exactly how much will arrive when they’re making international payments, while the low-cost transactions happen instantly or on the same day instead of the traditional 3-5 timeframe in the banking industry.