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David Schwartz

Block Stars is a Ripple-produced podcast that shines the spotlight on some of today’s most innovative and impactful thinkers in blockchain from around the world.

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Creating a More Inclusive Financial System With Crypto

with Daniel Vogel

In the latest episode of Block Stars, Ripple CTO David Schwartz talks to Daniel Vogel, CEO and Co-Founder of Mexico’s leading crypto exchange, Bitso. You'll hear from Daniel on the state of crypto in Latin America, how Bitso almost became a video games payments specialist and more.

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Creating a More Inclusive Financial System With Crypto

Why Sustainability Is Essential for the Future of Money

Unifying the Payments Infrastructure

How Bitcoin’s Limitations Inspired the XRP Ledger

Digital Assets in a Post-COVID World

Digital Assets Need Smart Regulation

Consumers and Enterprises Join the Blockchain

The Key to Institutional Investment in Blockchain

Crypto Security

Creating a Sustainable Global Economy

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